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Where do you travel? 


We can travel anywhere, but there will be travel costs added to events more than a 30-minute drive from Greenfield (North, East or West) or anywhere 30 minutes further than Hatfield (South, East and West). 


Will you be at my event? 



The simple answer is yes. Unless otherwise agreed upon.  I am very hands-on and I typically split my time at the event between the kitchen and hosting the guest areas. 


How do I reserve our event date with you? 


We offer a save the date payment of $500 holding your date for up to 3 weeks while we plan a basic outline for your event. Once we have enough information decided on a contract will be written and a 50% payment is due, thus finalizing your event date on our calendar. 




Do you help with planning leading up to the event?


Absolutely! We have a wealth of information and ideas to share. It is important to us that all aspects are taken care of. And we can help you to insure that happens easily and efficiently.


What style of service do you offer?


All! We offer a wide variety of service styles; some common examples are listed below.


Drop-off (food only)

Drop-off with a couple of cooks for reheating

Cooks only buffet event (cooks will prepare, serve, replenish and clean the kitchen)

Buffet with minimal staff (no-set included and staff leaves after dessert)

Buffet with full staff

Plated meal with full staff

Family style meal with full staff

Can we provide our own bar and dessert?


Yes, this is up to you. We can take care of everything for you or you can just purchase what you want from us. We do not allow you to bring your own appetizers.

If you need help with service of these areas please let us know and we will help in the coordination. 

Do you offer rentals?


We work with a preferred group of rental companies. You can either work directly with them or we can take care of this for you for a small fee. Basic rental items needed includes: kitchen items needed, tent, lighting, tempeture control, tables, chairs, linens and place settings. 

I heard you sometimes work with compostable plates, what is that about?


Yes, a couple of years ago we decided to offer reduced service plans that require the use of disposable plates. The decision wasn’t made lightly. After a great deal of research and deliberation we found a way to offer this service level while upholding our belief in sustainable practices.  The product line that helped to make the transition is made from fallen palm leaves. Choosing these plates saves on water, cleaners, labor and money. We work with a local industrial composting center that turns the plates into nourishment for our local soils in a 4-month time period.  

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