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Our dinners typically begin with the feast starter or another one of our delicious stationary options described below. Next our clients add on specialty appetizers if they like. Then select either a buffet, plated or family style meal and finally move on to a fabulous dessert. Most often we customize menus to meet the desires of our clients and to both support and take advantage of the flavors of the given season. The below menus are only examples, please send us your information for additional menu suggestions. 


Stationary Starters


Nuts~ Nuts and Olive Medley

Nibbles ~ 1 Dip, Crackers, Vegetables ~or ~Cheese and Crackers


Feast~ 2 Dips, Local and International Cheese Selection & Accompaniments, Crackers, Bread, Vegetables, Olives or Nuts


Mezze~ served with Pita, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Roasted Red Peppers, Mixed Olives, Olive Tapenade, Caramelized Onions, Whipped Feta


Deluxe~ 2-3 Dips, Local Cheese Selection & Accompaniments, Crackers, Bread, Vegetables, Olives, Nuts, and Fruit


Dip choices~ Tahini Hummus, Roasted Pepper Hummus, Beet Hummus, Creamy Herb Dip, Olive Tapenade, White Bean Aioli.

Specialty Appetizers


Spring - 


Spring Onion, Bacon and Gruyere Tartlets

Spring Pea Soup Shots with a Crouton and Mint

Local Sausage Selection with Mustards




Multi-Colored Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Skewers

Summer Vegetable Rolls 

East Coast Crab Meat Cakes with Cilantro and Sweet Chili Sauce


Autumn -


Apple Slices topped with Local Cheese drizzled with Honey

Slow Cooked Pork Spring Rolls with Cilantro and Lime

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter


Winter -


Braised Beef Puffs with Chive Crème Fraiche

Caramelized Onions and Apple with Truffle Brie Tartlets

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Marsala Butter

Main Course


Spring -


Lemon and Garlic Free Range Chicken 

Spring Pea Risotto

Sautéed Local Carrots with Parsley


Summer -


Grass-Fed Beef & Free Range Chicken Skewers

Vegetable Skewers

Heirloom Tomato & Caramelized Corn

Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans and Hazelnuts


Fall -


Local Pork Tenderloin with Apple Chutney

Leek and Herb Exotic Rice Blend

Roasted Root Vegetables 


Winter -


Butternut Squash and Black Bean Ragu 

Olive Oil and Herb Polenta

Braised Winter Greens 

(vegan menu example)



All meals are served with a local green salad and fresh local bread.  





Flourless Chocolate Cake


Seasonal Fruit Shortcake


Individual Fruit Tarts (best in summer and fall)


Cookies and Brownies 


Seasonal Fruit Pies


Fruit Sorbet 


Local Carrot Cake Cupcakes With Candied Ginger


Cannoli with Lemon Zest, Walnuts (Maple or Honey Sweetened)

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