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Our meals are 90% local, so where does it all come from? Below is a list of the most popluar farms and artisans we work with to create your perfect menu. We are willing to connect with your favorite farms too,that is if they happen to not already be on our list. 




The Kitchen Garden, Sunderland


Queen's Greens, Amherst


Pop's Farm Stand, Hatfield


Pine Hill Orchards, Colrain


Red Fire Farm, Granby


Czajkowski Farms, Hadley 


Simple Gifts Farm, Amherst


Outlook Farm, Southampton 


Bloody Brook Farm, S. Deerfield


Shoestring Farm, Colrain


New England Wild Edibles, Colrain


Town Farm, Northampton



Foxbard Farm, Shelburne Falls


Biscuit Hill Farm, Shelburne


Hager's Farmers Market, Shelburne Falls


Outlook Farm, West Hampton


Murray's Chciken, New York




Sidehill Farm, Hawley


Chase Hill Farm, Warwick


Mapleline Farm, Hadley


Gould Farm, Monterey


Upinngil, Gill 


Berkshire Blue,


Goat Rising, Ashfield


Lazy Lady Farm, Westfield, VT.


Grafton Village Cheese, Grafton, VT.


Cabot Creamery, Cabot VT.


Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT.










Bread and Other Specialty Items



Woodstar Bakery, Northampton


Warm Colors Apiary, South Deerfield


Just Jane's Jams, South Hadley


Bug Hill Farm, Ashfield


Composting- Martin's farm, Greenfiled


Mi Terra Tortillas, Hadley Ma






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